Garage Door Maintenance Tarzana CA

Garage door maintenance Tarzana

Garage Door Maintenance Tarzana

How lubricate and maintain garage door?

The same way that the car you are driving need to be maintained and service, so does your garage door or your roll up gate in Los Angeles. The maintenance and lubrication (Or greasing in case it is a roll up gate) is not a substitute for repairs in case something is broken, and if you are experiencing hard time operating your garage door or the rolling gate in LA you probably need repairs before the maintenance. But if your garage door is working fine, and you haven’t lubricated it for a while, you may want to consider doing so.
Every garage door, whether it is garage door in Tarzana or garage door in Calabasas need maintenance, in order for the overhead door or roll up gate to continue working just like it is working, and will not be the cause for any garage door issues. To make sure that your overhead door in Los Angeles will continue to work in a perfect way for many more years, you need to perform a garage door maintenance and lubrication; safety check and garage door tune up at every six months. Performing the maintenance and lubrication will do 2 things: It will improve the way your overhead door move, since you will lubricate some of the moving parts, and it will preserve the parts from break or getting rusted from the weather damages, and from the daily use of the garage door.

Lubrication or repair?

Although the garage door lubrication is going to improve the movement of the door, and it will protect and preserve the parts of the door, the garage door lubrication is not a substitute to repairs. If your garage door or parts of the door are broken, and need to be repaired or replaced, it won’t matter how much lubrication you will spray on it, it won’t work. And this goes for every broken garage door or roll up gate.
If you are visiting this page since there is something wrong with your overhead door, if the spring snapped, the roller went out of the track, the pulley broke, or if the opener is stuck, do not expect that lubricating the door will solve the problem, the maintenance performed in order to preserve a door which is already working fine.
Many people remember to lubricate their garage door or grease their gate when there is a problem, but it is too late for that. They need repairs.

Broken torsion spring

Garage Door lubrication

Before we begin with the tune up and lubricating, we would like to make it clear that the instructions we are writing in this post are only recommendations, and cannot replace the opinion and the experience of a garage door expert who come to your place and physically inspect the garage door. There are many garage door companies in Tarzana CA, and Tarzana Garage Doors Guys offer same day service in Los Angeles, so we can come and examine your garage door today.
Another important thing that we would like to clear is that you should never break any safety rule! Nothing worth putting yourself at risk of getting injured. If you are not sure if to maintain or repair, if you think that there might be something wrong with the door, call a garage door technician in Los Angeles to come and assist you. Tarzana Garage Doors Guys offer same day garage services in Los Angeles California. It can be a garage door repair in Tarzana, or garage door repair in La Puente, one of our team members can be there within 2 hours.


Residential garage door maintenance include 3 steps:

  • Garage Door Safety check: Every automated garage door, and it doesn’t matter if it is industrial overhead door, or residential garage door, must include safety feature.
  • Garage Door Lubrication: Using the right material. Which was designed to fit residential garage door lubrication.
  • Garage Door Inspection: Check and make sure that there are no broken parts, like lose cable, or broken hinge.

As you noticed, we started from the garage door safety, and there is a reason for that. If you own a high quality garage door, you are probably used to overhead door that open and close whenever you need it, and that rarely give you any hard time. But if you are reading this article about garage door maintenance, you may be experiencing hard time operating your garage door, and that indicate that there may be something wrong with the door. And when something go wrong worth garage doors, the door can be dangerous. If that is the case, and the door is broken, we recommend you to avoid using the door, until a local garage door specialist in Los Angeles will send an expert to come and fix the door for you.

Overhead door and Safety

If you are not sure what is wrong with the door, but you think that there is something wrong with the door, stop using the door and call a local overhead doors company in Tarzana California. As we explained:  maintenance and lubrication is not a place for guessing, and hoping problems will go away from themselves is just not going to work.
Before you start, make sure that the people who use the door are aware to the fact that you are working on the door, and until you will tell them you completed the tune up, they shouldn’t try and use the door. You do not want someone will try to open the door while you are working on it.
Disconnect the garage door motor plug from the electricity. (If there is a battery backup installed make sure that no one can use the opener. Remember, your hands can be between moving parts, and that can be dangerous.
Inspect the door and the parts, to make sure that all the parts of the door are whole, none of them is lose or broken, and that the door is balanced and working perfectly when it is being used manually.

Garage opener service Tarzana CA

Lubricating the garage door

There are many moving parts that need to be lubricated as part of the general maintenance. Lubricate the rollers, the hinges, the pulleys, the springs, the tracks, the shaft bearings, the drums. If you are using a chain drive opener, use grease for the chain. There are lubricants and material designed for overhead garage doors. For best results, use the right material for the door.

Perform thorough safety check!

If you own an automated garage door (If you use an electric motor to open and close the door, and not a garage door that being used manually), check the reversing mechanism. There should be safety sensors included, which are there for protection. While the door is closing, interrupt the invisible laser beam between the safety sensors and make sure that they signal the motor that something is blocking the door’s path, so the door will stop its closing movement, and reverse to open position. If you own an automated garage door, but the door doesn’t include safety sensors, the door is dangerous, and should not be used. There is a federal law that require that every garage door to be automated. It can be a store-front roll down gate in Los Angeles, or garage door in Hermosa Beach CA, every automated garage door must include safety feature. If your overhead door isn’t equipped with a safety feature, contact a local garage door company in Tarzana CA to come and install a safety feature for you.

Commercial Overhead door maintenance
The commercial overhead doors are usually being used much more often than a residential garage doors in Los Angeles. Due to high volume of use, we recommend to maintain a commercial door every six months (Some overhead doors require quarterly service), to make sure that the door is safe for use, and that the door will continue to work for many more years.
But since a commercial overhead doors tune up require special tools and extensive knowledge than the residential overhead door, we recommend you to contact a garage door company in Tarzana, which offer services for commercial garage doors. The reason we recommend that, is that the commercial overhead doors include heavy duty parts, and require power tools and parts that you may not possess, and commercial overhead doors may not be the place to try and do things by DIY kind of repair.

Garage door lubricant

Rolling Gate Maintenance Los Angeles

If you want your rolling gate in Tarzana to keep working even in the coldest days, grease and maintain it on time, in order to protect its parts, and to make sure it will continue to work. It can be an electric gate in LA, or roll up gate in Tarzana, every roll up gate need to be maintained in order to keep working. From the knowledge we acquired during many years in the overhead garage doors and rolling gates repairs in Los Angeles California, there is one thing which stand out, and that we would like to recommend it to you. That thing is Rolling Gate Maintenance and greasing. All rolling gates have one thing in common: They all need to be maintained twice a year in order to maintain the way the work, and in order to make sure they will continue to work for many years and won’t require repairs or even replacement when the gate is completely broken.

Which kind of gates in Los Angeles need maintenance?

The short answer will be: every steel or wooden gate in Los Angeles need to be maintained! The longer answer will require from us to explain to you why it is important to perform maintenance and tune up, before the gate will get stuck, and you will need the services of a rolling gate technician.
While reading our post, you probably wonder: Why do I need to perform a rolling gate maintenance, if my gate is working perfectly? The answer will be: To prevent a situation where you will find yourself facing a stuck roll down gate, and you will need emergency service. Greasing the gate may not prevent the gate from getting stuck for ever but it will definitely make sure that the gate will remain in operable condition for many more years.

My roll up door is stuck, will greasing the gate will solve the problem?

Unfortunately, the roll down gate maintenance is being done in order to prevent the situation of a broken, off tracks, or stuck gate, and to help the gate move smoothly by greasing it and tuning its parts. But if your roll up gate is already broken, stuck or if you can’t close the gate, it is probably too late for greasing, which still need to be performed, but only once a roll up gate repairman in Los Angeles will inspect and repair the roll up gate, and make sure it is safe for use again.
If there is a problem with your roll down gate which require repair, there is no amount of grease in the world that will fix it and make the gate working again. So if the rolling gate is stuck, call Tarzana Garage Doors Guys for same day service.

Roll Up Gate Safety

It can be a store-front roll down gate, a residential swing gate, overhead garage door, or a roll down commercial gate, when the door is broken, it can be dangerous. After many years of servicing rolling gates and garage doors in California, we can say we saw almost everything. From people who had an out of track gate, and thought that greasing it will solve the problem, to people who tried to force the gate to go up or down, and ended injured. The best thing you can do is to tell the people who use the gate or the door that something is wrong, and that it is dangerous to use them. Then you should call a local gate repairman in Los Angeles to come and fix the gate for you.

Garage Doors & Gates Services in Tarzana

Tarzana Garage Doors Guys offer same day repair and emergency repair for all types of overhead doors, roll up gates, commercial gates, parking lot gates, commercial garage doors, security doors, and more. For a same day service in Tarzana California, call us now. We have teams of technicians ready for any kind of repair, and since we carry the parts with us, we can repair the problem on the first visit. Keep in mind that if you will ignore the problem, and continue to use the door or the gate although there is a problem, not only you can make a bigger problem, but you may also hurt yourself. With our same day garage doors and gates service in Los Angeles, we will fix broken garage door in Tarzana today.


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